If you are looking for the best mountain bike there is, but are strictly intended to keep to your budget, you may find this article extremely helpful. Even if your budget is only $1000, we have some excellent news for you! Namely, there are numerous brilliant mountain bikes under this price point, and you will be more than able to choose the right one for you.GT-Grade-Alloy

1. GT Grade Alloy 105 This incredible bicycle is not just comfortable, it’s also fast enough. To top it off, it’s also very versatile, and it will be just as successful in the challenging terrain, but also very useful if you’re not planning to be an adventurer all the time. It is very light, it weighs only 10 kg. As the name suggests, the frame is made from Grade alloy, hydroformed in head tube and standard BB. Its front derailleur and shifters are Shimano 105, with the incredible 11-speed gear. And as for the wheelset, expect the best!

This is one bicycle that took everything into consideration, and combined the comfort with toughness and versatility.2. Boardman Team Carbon Even though its specifications are not as impressive, we must admit it to Boardman Team Carbon, that considering its price, it is one excellent bicycle. Its weight is slightly undermined telegrams, and the frame is made from uni–directional carbon fibre. Wheelset is also impressive, with 9 mm hubs, 24 stainless spokes front, and 32 rear. Carbon is what makes this bicycle stand out from other bicycles under $1000.

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3. Rose Pro SL-2000
Are you ready to buy a bicycle online? Then Rose is just the thing for you. Weighing slightly above 8 kg, this bicycle is very promising. 1311176439082-1x2voro8t3q8b-700-80In addition to that, it also allows you to customise a lot of the kit, choose different group sets and wheels. In addition to that, you can choose from very extensive online menu. That being said, you also have to have in mind that this bike will arrive you in mail in a box, and you will have to do some work before you write is for the first time. All in all, it’s very affordable, and all it’s really a good bicycle, if you’re ready to take a plunge into the unknown.

4. Giant Defy 0 This bicycle weighs slightly under 9 kg, and its frame is made of aluminum. The front derailleur and shifters are of course Shimano 105 and Shimano Ultegra respectively. The wheelset is equally promising; having 24 spokes front and 28 rear.

5. Felt F85
This impressive bicycle and is not only fast, but it comes at the very affordable price, and so far it is the least expensive 2013_F85_T2(L)bicycle on this list. Weighing just over 9 kg’s frame is made of aluminum, and as for the fork its carbon with aluminum steerer. The breaks are unbranded, but the gears are trusty Shimano Tiagra 50/34, 12-28. It’s not your typical recreational road bike, and it’s