What’s Really A Mountain Bike For A Woman?
Even if you are a passionate biker, I am confident to say that you don’t have to buy a best woman’s mountain bike just because you are a female. Gender separate bicycles are complete and utter nonsense. Just because you are a female, that doesn’t mean you have to buy a specific mountain bike that says that it’s for women. In addition to that, there is absolutely no anatomical reason why you should write a different type of mountain bike.

So What’s The Difference?0811-ycdf-montain-bike
In case that you are now puzzled and wondering what the difference is, let me explain in further detail. Yes, there is no anatomical reason why you should buy a different type of bicycle, however there is one particularity that makes a difference. Namely, when it comes to man and women, there is that difference in their average size. Generally, women tend to weigh less and be shorter than men. In that sense, there are obvious anatomical differences in the seating department. However, you should be looking for a bike that fits your body size, and the bike that fits your body properly. In other words, this has nothing to do with your gender, and whether you are a male or a female.

Specific Bikes Some bicycle manufacturers have created specific bikes for females in the last couple of decades. This has been an increasing trend in recent years, as bike designers try to modify bikes and more frames that will fit with female body. However, even these specific bikes, the not use the same measurement of a female body. Some bike manufacturers have the idea of females with long legs and shorter upper bodies. Others, for example, are more focused on the manner in which female cyclists attach to the bike. However, not one approach is right, or better than the other.

womens-mountain-bikes-14193549What Should You Be Looking For?
Generally, you should be looking for a bicycle that feels comfortable when you get on the bike yourself. Do not be concerned whether it is labeled as a male or a female bicycle. Only you know which bicycle is the most suitable for you, and which one feels right. Women’s bicycles than to have a different saddle, and are a bit wider, as they try to accommodate to specific female anatomy. However, if saddle is your only preoccupation, you should now that you can always buy a female saddle, as they are not that expensive. Furthermore, women’s bicycles have shorter handlebars, and for the more comfortable grip. However, this too shouldn’t preoccupy you if you find the right bicycle for you. Things you should really consider specialized-myka-fsr-comp-womens-2009-mountain-bikewhen buying a mountain bicycle, is how much money you are willing to spend, what are you going to use it for, where are you going to keep it, whether you can use it for commuting, whether it is comfortable enough, whether you have sufficient skill to ride the bike at the moment and how this particular bicycle goes with your body frame.